2012 year in review

It has been a week since we wrapped 2012 and welcomed new year, I thought it’d be nice to do a review of the stuff I’ve done last year. This is the first time I’m doing such a review and hope to continue. So here goes the review for 2012


It was mundane at times but was okay most of the time. Some of my pet projects succeeded in getting the nod from management to get them turned into full time projects which kept my job interesting. Among such projects were Unicorn and Mermaid. Unicorn is an automated system that runs the regression test suite on the infrastructure code that my team owns. Unicorn was built with Python in the back-end and PHP, MySQL standard web stack for the stuff user interacts with. Mermaid is an interactive tool to learn SLAX scripting language. Mermaid was built with Django as the web framework and socketio to pipe user’s scripts from the browser with the actual system process running on the server which executes the scripts. Working on these two projects made the time at work fun and motivating.

Side projects

Android: Successfully finished and launched a game and an app. Bubbles is my first game built using OpenGL. Though I did launch the game, there was very little I learned about OpenGL and will have to work on that. Wireless file transfer is the app I built to transfer files to/from android device using WiFi. I used elFinder, an open source web based file explorer and wrote Java connector for elFinder that I could use in my project. WFE also happens to be the first app after my developer account got equipped with the ability to charge users. I released a paid key application that will remove ads from WFE and enables advanced statistics of the device in the web UI.

Picmos: A year after launching picmos.me, I decided to wrap it up and call it a not-so-successful experiment. Wrote a blog post as an epilogue for the project and moved entire app to a sub domain at ajhais.com

Stuff learned

Thanks to the pet projects at work, I was able to get my hands on nodejs, socketio, django and bootstrap last year.

Power of FOSS

This is the year where open source projects played a major role in my projects and I come to appreciate the power of FOSS. elFinder, Bootstrap, ace editor are from the top of the list that I worked with. I’m considering to put more time and effort into working on open source projects and plan to put them up on my github.


Though I’m not someone who embraces travel like others, I traveled more than what I expected last year. Three road trips that I went driving are the most unforgettable.

Plans for 2013

2012 turned out to be the year where I tried my hand on a bunch of new and interesting technologies and learned many things along the way. For 2013, I would like keep experimenting with new stuff but maintaining a focused effort. I could have shipped more products in 2012 but the development was often slow owing to the absence of proper planning. I Need to step up on planning and executing the projects to reduce the development time. I realized taking a break from daily routines and travelling once in a while is good and wish to continue travel like last year.