Fixing android emulator time sync issue

tl;dr Installing fixed it for me

For an android file transfer application that I’m building, from a web server that was running on mobile, I was trying to set a cookie on user’s browser. I noticed that the cookie was not being set no matter what I do. After inspecting the response headers from server program, I noticed that the cookie expiry time was set to a past time, which was when I realized that the emulator time is not in sync with the one on host machine. Worst, it was stuck at the time when it was booted up. After some googling, I found few people who are facing similar issue but with no solution other than to manually set the time or use a fresh boot instead of loading the snapshot on the emulator. This was all happening with intel x86 emulator running android 4.0.3. Often when I start the device, I used to get a message like “HAX is not working and emulator runs in emulation mode”. After some reading about that error on SO, I downloaded and installed Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager from which fixed the HAX error. And as a bonus, emulator clock came into sync with the host and is ticking non-stop.