One more try

OK. Just like every other time, It took me sometime get back to blogging as initially thought. Anyway, better late than never. I’m going to give it a try once again.

In this post I’ll write about the things that kept me busy all these days. After writing my previous blog post, I published one facebook application, experimented with android sdk and published two applications to the android market.

The facebook application that I developed is called Collage Me. It uses the profile pictures of user’s friends and creates a mosaic of user’s profile picture. I coded the application in PHP and hosted it on a shared web server. Given the nature of application, the process is CPU intensive and demands heavy resources. Since I’m using a shared server to host the application, the application is not working most of the times (PHP timeouts and stuff like that).

Coming to android, I’d been hearing about android for quite sometime and never actually got myself enough motivation to explore it. After reading a post about android developer income on hackernews, I decided to spend some time with android SDK. With the help of my cousin, who was ahead with android, I learned the basic stuff that is needed to get me started. Then I thought I’d have to develop a game to fully understand the sdk. The first game that came to my mind is classic picture puzzle game that shows you a picture, cuts it into pieces, jumbles them and challenges you to arrange the image blocks back together to the original picture. When I checked to see if there are any such games that are already available in the android market, I saw many such puzzle games as expected. But that didn’t stop me from going ahead with the idea for this puzzle game, after all I needed something to explore android SDK. I worked on paper regarding the architecture of the game, then after a couple of nights with eclipse and some photoshop, I released my picture puzzle app, PicPuzz to the android market.  After I showed my app to my colleague at work, he showed me a small flash game that he plays during when he feels bored . I found the game pretty cool and thought I’d create an android version of it. That led to SmartCat. It’s a simple puzzle game that contains an array of circles with a cat at the center. You can click on any circle and it’ll be blocked. Whenever you block a circle, cat jumps away from one circle to any of the neighboring free circles. When it reaches the edges, it’ll escape. User’s goal is to surround and trap the cat with block the cat. This looked pretty easy to implement. I worked on paper for the algorithm that gives little decision making power to the cat and rest everything was basics in android app development. IIRC, I finished the app in around 3 nights and published it in the android market.

One facebook application and two android applications (though none of them great) happened after my last post. Currently I’m working on making my facebook application Collage Me into a web service which actually works. I will try to write more about my current project (facebook application thing) in my next post.